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Q. Why is Multi-Family Considered a Core Business?

For several reasons. First, it is consistent with our focus on working directly with business owners, many of whom are our customers on other major projects. Multi-Family projects fit well with the Life Cycle Solutions approach because they involve major design/build activities, as well as service and upgrade requirements — together a high percentage of our Life Cycle business today.

Multi-Family also gives us a beachhead into other geographic areas. We already operate in Denver, DC and Atlanta, in addition to our Texas locations. By gaining a presence with Multi-Family under the TDIndustries name, we have a flexible deployment model to expand our business into new areas.

Finally, Multi-Family has low fixed costs, is not on the same cycle as our other market segments, and helps us better manage the cycles of our industry.

Q. Why is CDC separate and not under the TDIndustries name?

There are good reasons for and against CDC maintaining a separate identity. The two primary reasons against CDC having a separate brand identity: 1) it complicates our desired image by continuing two brand names; and 2) it poses conflicts with Rod and Larry’s group.

However, as a new acquisition, CDC brings a strong brand equity, long-term relationships and group cohesion. Since this unit is somewhat unique in its specialties (refrigeration and electrical) and its geography (South Dallas), we are going to experiment with keeping CDC separate and see how it works as an acquisition model.

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