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Strategic Planning Questions and Answers

Our team gets confused as to what is strategic and what is tactical. Can you provide some additional insight?

You need to recall that we define strategy as "management's sense of vision as to the future course and direction of the business". Thus matters and initiatives that would have a significant impact on the future direction of the business would be considered strategic while the steps required to address those matters or accomplish those initiatives would be considered tactics. Consider Wendy's, where a major part of their strategic position is built on having freshly cooked hamburgers. To do this, they use a statistical formula that requires their cooks to put a certain number of burger patties on the grill for each person who enters the restaurant. This, unfortunately, means that some extra patties will be cooked. To avoid wasting these patties is imperative to keeping costs down while offering fresh food. Wendy's does this by putting extra cooked hamburgers into their chili pot. So the tactic of putting waste burger patties into the chili pot is an integral part of their strategic positioning. Also recognize that the "transition point" from strategy to tactics is a continuum rather than a clear-cut line.

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