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Strategic Planning Questions and Answers

How can we be confident that our planning will be successful?

Even in the presence of a structured strategic planning process, it is quite possible to formulate unsound, inappropriate strategy and/or to fail at implementation. There are many pitfalls, such as: lack of commitment and involvement; inadequate process understanding; lack of conceptual focus; complexity; getting off track; inadequate analysis; rigid, mechanistic adherence to some pet theory; poorly conceived action plans; inadequate understanding of resource requirements and availability; planning not integrated into regular management process; assumption/presumption errors; inflexibility; failure to monitor progress and developments; etc.

What is required is a sound approach, management commitment and good planning leadership. One of the best first steps toward acquiring these pre-requisites is to attend our seminar on Simplified Strategic Planning for Small to Mid-sized Companies. This seminar lays out a streamlined, yet thorough, approach to strategic planning. It demonstrates a variety of techniques for obtaining management commitment. And it details the necessary attributes of good planning leadership. Following the methodology presented in this seminar will save both time and money. It will make the process easier (though not easy). And it will help you avoid the pitfalls. The next step you should consider is engaging one of the strategists of the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning to lead your planning team through the Simplified Strategic Planning Process. This will help you obtain actionable results and an effective approach to implementation of your newly developed strategic plan. Contact us at:

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