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"Getting my people to support our strategic vision seems easy when we discuss it in strategy meetings - but out in the trenches, it's more like herding cats."

A Two-Day Workshop

(Also available in abbreviated one-day format)

You are a busy executive with a strong strategic vision for your business. You may already have a good strategic plan in place - but you have been frustrated with the execution of your strategic vision. The basic underlying cause for this frustration is the lack of alignment of the people in you organization with the direction inherent in your vision.


  • Enhance each participant's awareness of your company's strategy.
  • Enhance each participant's awareness of your goals, objectives and critical success factors.
  • Help each participant develop departmental or functional objectives based on overall corporate strategy.
  • Create a culture of execution.
  • Enhance each participant's ability to think strategically about situations and opportunities as they arise within his or her department. This ability will include prioritization and consensus building skills.

This workshop will ask each attendee to look at ways they can get the results they want for their teams by aligning their people with your company's strategy. The Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, Inc. (CSSP) will tailor their time-proven method for strategic alignment just for your company. Each of your team members will experience CSSP's simplified step-by-step method to create their own journey toward achieving results for their department or functional area.

The workshop will begin with a collaborative review of what the participants know, where the company is and how external and internal forces impact the company. Participants will be asked to identify what they want to pursue, and what they want their work teams to pursue. Because this is only a one or two-day session, it is recommended that participants prioritize their objectives. This will facilitate the participants' development of key initiatives that are aligned and properly positioned in the same direction as your company's strategic plan. The workshop will provide time to put those initiatives into individual action plan(s).

The process CSSP uses is detailed but not complicated. If your team are ready to tackle what it means and takes to be strategically aligned...moving in the same direction, properly positioned and getting results, then this course is for you!

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Learn From the Best

All workshop leaders have extensive executive level hands-on experience in leadership and strategic planning in small to mid-sized companies. All have strong academic degrees and are highly acclaimed workshop leaders. They have been carefully chosen for their ability to translate critical processes into easily grasped concepts with step-by-step implementation procedures. They have used their expertise to manage change and growth in hundreds of companies nationwide through successful strategy development and implementation. They will equip your people with leading edge strategic alignment methodology and the skills to assure success.

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100% No Questions Asked, Money-back Guarantee

Whether you've been using strategic planning for years or you're starting from scratch, we guarantee that this program will contain the most valuable information you will ever see on strategic planning. If you don't feel that this is, hands-down, the absolute best system for strategic planning, you will receive a prompt and courteous refund.

Put this unique, practical, no-nonsense workshop to work for you and achieve your strategic vision. There is no better time to do it than now.

Included at no extra cost...

  • Simplified Strategic Planning: A No-Nonsense Guide for Busy People Who Want Results Fast!
  • Alignment for Implementation: Getting our People to Make Your Strategies Work
  • 2 year "hot-line" to your instructor


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