Robert Bradford

Robert BradfordRobert actively leads strategic planning worldwide in dozens of companies (of all sizes) in a wide variety of industries with amazing results. Since 2001, Robert’s corporate clients have increased their NET PROFITS by over $50 BILLION. His real-world management experience and ivy-league MBA enable Robert to bring real nuts-and-bolts strategic thinking into everything he does.  A master trainer, Robert has spent the last thirty years converting management theory into real-life applications. Most clients engage Robert Bradford again and again to learn from his ever-growing experience in strategy that works today.

At the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning , Robert has successfully assisted many clients ranging from insurance companies to auto parts manufacturers and environmental services firms. Robert is the President of the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning and co-author of the Simplified Strategic Planning Manual. He also authored the best-selling, Simplified Strategic Planning — A No-Nonsense Guide for Busy People Who Want Results Fast!, and three other books. A Graduate of Princeton University, with a A.B in Military History, Robert holds an MBA degree from the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration and has completed Post-graduate work at the London Business School.

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96 Stowe St.
Waterbury, VT
Phone: 734-929-8846

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Articles by Robert

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