September 12, 2017
Dana Baldwin Who's leading your strategic planning process? How much experience to they have? Can they be objective? Will they be able to bring the team to concensus? These are some of the things to think about when choosing someone to lead your strategic planning process. Please continue reading our blog.


Dana Baldwin

Why You Should Use an Outside Leader for Your Strategic Planning

By Dana Baldwin

Dana Baldwin Strategic planning is a key part of determining the future course and direction of your organization. Doing it well may be one of the most important actions your leadership team will undertake, and this must not be taken lightly.

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Much of Strategic Planning is based upon assumptions. What if your assumptions are wrong?

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Can our segmentation be wrong?

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This column is intended to answer common questions related to strategic planning and strategy in general. In each issue we will answer questions posed by seminar attendees, our clients and our readers. Please send your questions to - Mail: CSSP, Inc. PO Box 8272, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

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Types of Profitable Differentiation Value

By Robert W. Bradford

Some people tell me that they don't see much benefit to differentiation in their markets. While there are places that this may be true - high volume grains, anyone? - there are so many paths to differentiation that it's worth examining a few of them to see if they might work in your markets.

Setting the Tone from the Top: Safety and Operational Excellence

By Denise Harrison

"How do you balance worker safety and overall production goals?", asked an audience member at the CEG SMART Manufacturing Conference. Dennis A. Muilenburg, Boeing CEO, answered without hesitation, "We work safely before we think about production."

Strategic plan not complete? Why not? Here are some frequent sources of roadblocks

By M Dana Baldwin

While many strategic planning efforts succeed in developing good, workable strategic plans, why is it that some never complete their work and never get off the ground? What are the factors that lead to teams discontinuing their planning before reaching their goal of setting the course and direction for their organization?

Getting Your Team On Board with Your Strategy

By Robert W. Bradford

Is it difficult to get your team onboard? When I started doing strategic planning, decades ago, I found myself frustrated at how long it took most teams to struggle through the capabilities assessment (Page 3.1 in the Simplified Strategic Planning Manual). Over the years, we've made great progress in speeding up that part of the process, simplifying it to cover the most critical strategic strengths and weaknesses. We've also reduced the time wasted on less-critical capabilities and capabilities where there is little disagreement among team members. This still leaves us with a - sometimes lengthy - discussion over a handful of crucial strategic capabilities.

Sony: Results are in - Sony's Strategy Results in Record Profit

By Denise Harrison

In 2014, Kazuo Hirai, Sony CEO, sought to rekindle the firm's creativity. In the 20th century Sony had a market leadership position in several segments of the consumer electronics industry. For example, its Sony Walkman® exemplified Sony's ability to harness its technical expertise, providing consumers with easy-to-use electronic devices. But by 2014, Sony was struggling. As time had marched on, Sony's core businesses went from profitable to commoditized products. Sony had not kept up and, instead of focusing on innovation, it focused on low cost product.

Could You Lose Your Way in the Marketplace?

By M. Dana Baldwin

In 2012, a new CEO took the reins at McDonalds. During his three years of leadership, McDonalds lost market share and profitability. Why did this happen? There are numerous reasons, and we will hit some of them here.

Does Your Market Segmentation Lead to Lower Prices?

By Robert W. Bradford

Market segmentation is a powerful tool. This isn't just true for the marketing department, though segmentation can enable super efficient, targeted advertising and product placements. In strategic planning, your market segmentation can enable even more unique - and therefore profitable - product offerings, operational strategies and more.

Over 70% of Executives Surveyed Agree: Strategic Planning Efforts Lack a Systematic Approach

By Denise Harrison

Many senior executives struggle to define a consistent approach to strategic planning. How does it all fit together? What information is necessary? How do we prevent the process from becoming analysis/paralysis?

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