April 25, 2017
Robert BradfordDoes your organization use the same market segmentation as your competitor? Is there someway that you could use your market segmentation strategically, so it would be different than your competitor and would result in greater profitability? Please comment on our blog.


Denise Harrison

Does Your Market Segmentation Lead to Lower Prices?

By Denise Harrison

Robert Bradford Market segmentation is a powerful tool. This isn't just true for the marketing department, though segmentation can enable super efficient, targeted advertising and product placements. In strategic planning, your market segmentation can enable even more unique - and therefore profitable - product offerings, operational strategies and more.

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Is there any preparation required before starting the Simplified Strategic Planning process?

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We find it very difficult to determine our market share in our specialty niche markets. Will this be a detriment to successful Strategic Planning?

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This column is intended to answer common questions related to strategic planning and strategy in general. In each issue we will answer questions posed by seminar attendees, our clients and our readers. Please send your questions to - simplifiedstrategicplanning@cssp.com Mail: CSSP, Inc. PO Box 8272, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

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Over 70% of Executives Surveyed Agree: Strategic Planning Efforts Lack a Systematic Approach

By Denise Harrison

Many senior executives struggle to define a consistent approach to strategic planning. How does it all fit together? What information is necessary? How do we prevent the process from becoming analysis/paralysis?

Communication: A Key Element of Building Trust

By M. Dana Baldwin

Trust is a key element in business relationships. Without trust, it can be much more difficult to get your people to engage effectively in your business. It can be harder to get your message across to everyone in the business. And it will most likely impede progress toward building the culture you want and obtaining the results you are aiming for in your strategic planning implementation.

Getting Everything Done

By Robert W. Bradford

One of the sticky problems most people face in strategic planning is execution. Over 80% of executives we survey in our seminars cite strategy implementation as their biggest issue with strategic planning. Meeting strategic objectives is difficult enough that many companies bypass this part of the strategy process and focus most of their effort on key performance metrics. While performance metrics - such as Balanced Scorecard - can play a useful role in implementing strategy, they tend to fall short in the areas of true strategic change and innovation.

Strategic Planning: A Time for Reflection

By Denise Harrison

In today's fast paced economy, we often find that executives think that they don't have the time to reflect on their business. While quick decision-making is important, taking the time to reflect on the possible choices and looking at long-term implications will set your business on a course to achieve long-term success.

Team Building at the Executive Level

By Dana Baldwin

Executive team building principles: What are some basics? While one could write reams on executive team building, and indeed, many have, much of what shakes out of a deep analysis of the subject results in the whole thing being boiled down to some basic principles. Although a short article like this can only skim the surface of the subject, here are some key points to consider.

You May Have One or More of These Problems with Strategic Opportunities

By Robert W. Bradford

Opportunities are one of the three core elements of value creation in strategic management. Unfortunately, most companies struggle with opportunities, because there are few processes (outside of a good strategic planning process) that effectively shape the organization's response to the ocean of opportunities we have available to us in business.

Fitbit Focuses on Corporate Clients to Generate Growth

By Denise Harrison

Fitbit's personal activity tracking device started with simple functionality - tracking steps taken during a day - now added functionality includes a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, calorie calculator among other features. While the trackers are not perfect (not good with stationery bicycles) the monitors give the user a better idea of their activity during the day.

Do You Listen to Your Marketplace?

By M Dana Baldwin

Do you listen to your customers, to your competition, to your environment? What influences your decisions about where to take your company in the future? Will continuing to do what you have always done work in the future, or will it doom you to a slow spiral into oblivion?

Chaos and Strategy

By Robert W. Bradford

One of the underlying - and very human - desires most people bring to strategic planning is the desire to put things in order. This is useful and desirable, but this desire often runs headlong into a messy fact about the real world that is unavoidable: the world is a chaotic place, with many events happening that are beyond our control.

What Went Wrong with Apple Maps? What Can We Learn from these Mistakes?

By Denise Harrison

Apple is world renowned for its innovative product introductions - but as you look back over history, there have been plenty of flops to go along with the successes. Think about Ping and Rokr - oops, you missed these? Most people did. And, the introduction of the Apple Map application was another clunker. Using Maps, you were driven into dead ends; airport runways were specified as roads, and general requests often put you in a wrong location (yes, you ask for a hospital and get a restaurant.)

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