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Retaining Your Customers

These are difficult times for many companies. For some this may be an understatement, for others not so much of one. Stepping back and looking at your business from the outside, are there things you should consider concentrating on and/or doing better to keep those customers you have? Chances are that there are a number […]

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Strategies for Turbulent Times Workshop

  What every business leader needs to know to succeed today and tomorrow…   Strategies for Turbulent Times, a one-day workshop for senior management executives will be held in Alexandria, VA on 3/27/09 & Troy, MI on 5/20/09.       Center for Simplified Strategic Planning’s turnaround specialist Denise Harrison and Senior Consultant Steve Rutan will […]

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Strategic Planning – Malthusian Catastrophe and Success in a Recession

Reading an article about Darwin this weekend, I couldn’t help but think that evolution and business strategy have a lot of interesting parrallels.  One that struck me relates to a couple of fascinating stories – the first about the horrible rise of the deer population on a resort-covered island in the Carolinas after hunting was […]

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