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Succession Planning – Important Items to Consider

By Denise Harrison, Vice President Recently I spoke with a company Chairman who was frustrated with the performance of the company’s CEO, but there was little that could be done about the situation.  Due to the ownership structure of the company, it was going to be difficult to make changes.  How could this happen? Often […]

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Is Success Your Worst Enemy?

by M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant In the 80s, families, teens, many of us used to go to Blockbuster Video to select movies for our entertainment.  The business model was simple: go to the store, wander the aisles, select one or more videos to bring home, watch the videos and bring them back to the […]

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What’s the Right Number of Market Segments?

by Robert W. Bradford, President/CEO  For years, we’ve told people that too many market segments leads to bloated and ineffective planning.  This is true – at some point, you simply end up with more details than your team can wrestle with in your strategic planning.  It is, however, also possible to have too few market […]

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Are You Really On Track? Mistakes Made in Execution

By Denise Harrison, Vice President Is your team honest with itself when discussing progress of your action plans?  Or is your team convincing itself that things are really on-track when they aren’t even close?  Recently I have come across a number of cases where teams have given themselves high marks on achievement, but the real […]

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How Agile is Your Company?

by M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant Great Companies develop Strategic Plans which incorporate agility in execution.  What is generally meant by being agile? Most companies intend to carry out their goal of being agile by becoming more responsive, more sensitive to meeting their customers’ needs and preferences and doing all of this more rapidly. How […]

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