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Drowning in Strategic Initiatives? Here is a powerful tool for screening them out.

By Robert W. Bradford, President/CEO When assessing strategic opportunities, we have for years examined four variables in the Simplified Strategic Planning process – value, probability, management effort and financial risk. Recently, I have taken to including a secondary analysis of opportunities, undertaken when reviewing opportunity screening worksheets in meeting number two. This screening is particularly useful […]

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Help! My Market Doesn’t Need My Product Any More! How to Strategically Position Your Company for Success in the Face of Changing Market Preferences

By Denise Harrison, Vice President “First, the bad news, the market for buggy-whips has disappeared; but the good news is, that we have cornered the market for 8-Track tape players.” Who makes the screens that go into electronic readers – you know the screens on Amazon’s KindleTM and Sony’s ReaderTM?  Prime View dominates this market; […]

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