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Be the Threat

Do you feel your company is threatened by changes that are happening in your industry right now or could be in the near future?  This can be a bad thing – but you might be able to turn the threat into an opportunity, as well. To begin, threats can exist for many reasons, but the […]

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Lessons Learned: Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami Teach Important Lessons

By Denise Harrison, Executive Vice President and COO The location and severity of any specific natural disaster are difficult to predict – so you need to prepare for a disruption in your supply chain, given that a natural disaster could impact your business at some point in time.  Even Toyota, known for its superior management […]

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Know What is Going to Kill or Transform Your Industry – Part II

How are industries disrupted?  We have already identified the three most common causes:  technology, business practices, and law.  But if we want to do a good job anticipating disruption, we need to know exactly what kinds of changes are likely to lead to disruption. As a general rule, disruption occurs because customer behavior changes radically […]

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How Do You Handle Under-performers?

By M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant Strategic Planning Expert Have you ever had the situation in your company in which employees who seemed to have good skills, knowledge and capabilities simply were not performing anywhere near their potential?  What happened to them?  Were they kept in their current position for a long period of time?  […]

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Innovation/Opportunities: Short-term vs. Long-term – How do You Decide?

by Denise Harrison,  Executive Vice President & COO Strategic Planning Expert In 1996 Apple lost $816 million, but in 1997 they launched an initiative that was to transform how people bought, sold and listened to music.  There was no clear path for how this would happen, no easy technology solutions – just a lot of […]

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