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Is an Executive Coach Worth the Time and Cost?

By M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant As a C-level Executive, life in the office can be a lonely experience.  Each executive has few peers, and each of their peers has different responsibilities, different skills, different work atmospheres and different personalities.  While each C-level executive shares some of the same inputs and motivations, each one has […]

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Building Customer Preference

Customer preference is the currency that most of us in business seek.  But what do we know about customer preferences – and how can we manage them, strategically?  Most of us have a real blind spot when it comes to actually thinking like a customer and finding ways to set ourselves apart from the crowd […]

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Made the “Nifty Fifty” New Product List and Fought to Make a Dime – Lessons Learned in Protecting Intellectual Property and Partnerships

By Denise Harrison, Executive Vice President & COO Your new product makes the “nifty fifty” list of innovative new product introductions; you envision your picture on the cover of Fortune magazine; and then….you end up in legal battles and with little money.  Here are some lessons learned from one company as it tried to capitalize […]

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By M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant Experts estimate that American industry could improve its bottom line results by about $350 billion per year by getting everyone to truly buy in to the mission and culture of their companies. While the absolute number could be debated, the principle is sound: A great culture leads to increased […]

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Can You Turn Your Threats into Opportunities? By Looking at the Glass Half Full You May Find Significant Growth While your Competition Is Spending Time Mitigating the Threat

Events threaten us strategically for three reasons:  They threaten our customers, they threaten displacement of our products or services, or they threaten our competitive position.  Each of these types of threats contains an opportunity for innovation hidden within. One of the most basic threats we face is one that threatens our customers. Simply put, some […]

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