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Watching Trends: Ebbs and Flows

Watching companies respond to massive changes in the current strategic environment, I am struck by how much we tend to overemphasize the present when planning for the future.  In strategic planning, it is vital that you do the best job you can to anticipate future trends that will shape the strategic environment of your industry.  […]

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Xerox Positions Itself to Succeed in the 21st Century – What You Need to Do to Ensure Your Company Does Not Become Obsolete

by Denise Harrison, Executive Vice President and COO Strategic Planning Expert In 2000, people were ready to sound the final bell for Xerox Corporation.  Financially troubled, mired in shrinking market segments, the future of Xerox was bleak.  Xerox had to reposition itself in order to succeed in the 21st century.  To do this it had […]

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