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Can You Turn Your Threats into Opportunities? By Looking at the Glass Half Full You May Find Significant Growth While your Competition Is Spending Time Mitigating the Threat

Events threaten us strategically for three reasons:  They threaten our customers, they threaten displacement of our products or services, or they threaten our competitive position.  Each of these types of threats contains an opportunity for innovation hidden within. One of the most basic threats we face is one that threatens our customers. Simply put, some […]

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Are You Listening to Your Customers? How Small Changes Produce Market Share Gains

By Denise Harrison, Executive Vice President & COO Too often we are so myopically focused on the product or service we are trying to sell, that we don’t listen to what our customer is saying.  The product or service may be great – but something around the buying experience or the initial purchase experience may […]

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