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Fine Tune your Value Chain: Create a Lasting Competitive Advantage

by Margaret Lawrence Good strategic planning begins with customer focus.  Knowing your market is critical, deciding which segments to pursue is a priority, but the process does not end there.  To compete effectively, you need to create value for your customers in ways your competitors can’t.   Look to your value chain to accomplish this.  What […]

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Are Your Objectives Really Strategic?

One of the issues that comes up in the second session of the Simplified Strategic Planning process is whether your objectives are “strategic enough”.  Strictly speaking, objectives are only strategic if they have a significant impact on what you sell, how you sell it, or how you beat or avoid competition.  A set of well-executed, […]

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Understand What Differentiates your Company in the Market

  What differentiates your company in the market?  What sets you apart in your customers’ eyes?  What do your potential customers think? These competitive differences may be good – but they may not be good.  Would it be good if your customers think your company is difficult to do business with? Would you know? What […]

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What do you need to start strategic planning?

By Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant Why do so many smaller companies have difficulty getting started with strategic planning?  Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies do some form of strategic planning, but only about 25% of small companies do formal strategic planning.  Many companies appear to get by without doing formal planning for some period of […]

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Execution: Can You See the Path?

Denise Harrison; EVP & COO Recently I was discussing action plan progress (or lack of progress) with the action plan team. I asked the team what are the milestones for next month? What do we need to be doing in order to achieve our objective? It surprised me that the team could not identify the […]

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