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Manufacturing Companies Gain Flexibility through 3-D Printing

Old News The ability to take a CAD drawing and create a physical prototype using 3-D printing was breakthrough technology 20 years ago. Now most design engineers use this capability to speed the new product development process quickly moving from concept models to functional prototypes into production. New News While visiting Stratasys, a leader in […]

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By M. Dana Baldwin What are the characteristics of a good leader?  While there are many fine attributes that a leader should have and exhibit, what leadership comes down to is the ability to interact and lead people to accomplish tasks which lead to the success of the organization and of the individual. In a […]

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Differentiate Your Company – Don’t Poke the 800 lb. Gorilla in the Eye!

Visiting Brazil I came across an example of how a company can create a competitive advantage by focusing on a relatively unattractive market niche. Embraer is now the third largest aircraft manufacturer in the world – much of its success results from its decision not to poke the 800 lb. gorilla (gorillas – Boeing, Airbus) in […]

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Back to Basics in Strategic Planning

By Robert W. Bradford Strategic planning is the process of setting an organization’s course to optimize its future results.  We define anything that revolves around one of three questions as strategic: What do we do? For whom do we do it? How do we beat or avoid competition for resources? These may seem like simple […]

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