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Execution: Can You See the Path?

Denise Harrison; EVP & COO Recently I was discussing action plan progress (or lack of progress) with the action plan team. I asked the team what are the milestones for next month? What do we need to be doing in order to achieve our objective? It surprised me that the team could not identify the […]

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Sit still or move forward?

Conventional wisdom has it that sitting still is a strategic disaster – especially in high tech, but also in more mundane industries. As with many chestnuts I hear in strategic planning meetings, this one is both true and false. It’s true because the world will continue to move on with or without your company – […]

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What Level is your Strategic Thinking?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about strategic thinking this month.  One of the things that vex me is when people overuse the term “strategic”, as if it is a magic wand that will make something – such as social media marketing – more valuable.  While there IS such a thing as “strategic social […]

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Social Media and Strategic Planning

By Denise Harrison, EVP and COO Some companies are using social media to position themselves as thought leaders in their industry; others are using it to provide information and better customer service. Other companies are perplexed at how social media can help them. There are many examples of how to use the various forms of […]

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Close the Gap between Planning and Execution – Monitoring Checklist Keeps Execution on Track

By Denise Harrison, Executive Vice President and COO Are you achieving your strategy or are you slipping?  How can you keep your team on track?  Monitoring is one of the key aspects of successful execution.  Here is a monitoring checklist – if you can accomplish these items you are well on your way to successful […]

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