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Acquisitions: 8 Steps to Success

By Denise Harrison, Senior Consultant, CSSP, Inc. Note: This article was previously posted in Course and Direction in August 2008. Once we have determined an acquisition is part of the solution to achieve our strategy, we must evaluate the potential candidates. This evaluation step is paramount to the financial success of the acquisition. One recurring error […]

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Does focus on weaknesses help?

By Robert W. Bradford, President and CEO One of the most vexing issues encountered in strategic planning is a focus on the negative, especially threats and weaknesses.  Obviously, we’d all like to avoid having weaknesses, but let’s face the truth:  no matter how hard you try, or how much you pretend, every organization has weaknesses. […]

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Execution – Why Good Plans Can Fail

By M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant Execution is the key to effective results for Strategic Planning. As Robert S. Kaplan and David P Norton, the authors of The Strategy Focused Organization put it, in the opening paragraph of the first chapter: ‘A study of 275 portfolio managers reported that the ability to execute strategy was more important […]

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Game Playing Will Be Important to Sony’s Future Success

By Denise Harrison, Senior Consultant Sony exemplifies how a company must continually refocus its resources in order to optimize its future potential. An earlier article: Know When to Hold ‘em and When to Fold ‘em – Knowing when to get out of a core business is key to being successful in the future discussed how […]

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Who Are You? Win with Stories

By Thomas E. Ambler, Senior Consultant This article was previously published in Compass Points September 2007 What stories do you find yourself repeatedly telling people inside and outside your walls to illustrate “who you are” and what values are key to your organization’s success? Why do you do that? I’ll tell you why. You recognize […]

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