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Etsy: Can a company outgrow its Niche?

by Margaret Lawrence Etsy is often described as the “world’s largest flea market”. Since its beginnings in 2005, the company has created a vibrant on-line community of buyers and sellers of “handmade” and vintage items as well as craft supplies, it’s the online home for hobbyists who want to operate on a small scale. Etsy’s […]

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Market Segmentation – Starting with the Basics

By M. Dana Baldwin The basics of Strategic Planning can be misunderstood by those who need to determine what they are and how they apply to the overall development of your strategic plans. On one hand, some teams will overlook the importance of carefully defining the market segments so they can obtain the best analysis […]

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Strategy: Turning Trash into Treasure

By Denise Harrison, Executive Vice President and COO Discussions concerning waste disposal and environmental impact are showing up more frequently during strategic plan development. With disposal costs and environmental regulations increasing, companies are finding creative ways to deal with their waste. Here is one example. Cheese Brine Cheese production in Wisconsin is big business; – […]

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Accounting and Strategic Objectives

By Robert W. Bradford, President and CEO Recently, I discussed a simple test to tell whether an objective you set for your organization is truly strategic, and highlighted a common type of non-strategic objective, the incremental objective.  Today, I’d like to cover a similar type of objective that is unfortunately very common – the accounting-driven […]

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