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Know When to Hold ’em and When to Fold ’em – Knowing when to get out of a core business is key to being successful in the future.

By Denise Harrison,  Executive Vice President and COO Sony, the leading consumer electronics company in the 20th century, is not having success in the 21st century – many of its core businesses are hemorrhaging cash.  Recently the company has taken steps to right the ship: Cutting jobs in the PC business and putting it up […]

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Are you frustrated by the lack of results in your strategic planning efforts?

We are interested in your thoughts: Why doesn’t your strategic planning process work? – please take our confidential survey by clicking on: Many CEOs would like to make their strategic planning process more effective – what areas would you like to enhance? Are you frustrated by the laundry lists without priorities? How do you decide […]

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Strategy: Low Cost or Differentiation

M Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant When your organization does strategic planning, what strategies do you consider for each of your market segments?  It is likely that you may select different bases for competing in different segments, because your competitive atmosphere is different in each segment, and what you bring to the market is different in […]

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