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What Changes Impact Your Bottom Line? Hint: There Is More To Pricing Than Meets the Eye

By Denise Harrison In their well-researched book, entitled The Price Advantage the authors (Baker, Marn, and Zawada) use the following statistics to highlight the importance of pricing: Operating Profit Improvement Per 1% Improvement in:   A 1% increase in price achieves an 11% improvement in operating profit.  This statistic should make us take some time […]

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Turn Your Threats into Opportunities

by Denise Harrison Reprinted from October 2006 During the course of strategic planning your company will look at threats — outside forces that can severely impact your company’s success. Often the analysis of threats includes looking at how you mitigate them by: Preventing the threat from happening Reducing exposure to the threat Assuring early detection […]

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What is Focus?

By M Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant What is focus?  Why is focusing on your business so important it should be a key element of your strategic planning?  Why is it a key to your ongoing success?  What happens when you lose focus? To illustrate what focus is, let’s use the example of a camera. In order […]

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Time is Money–So get More Money by using Less Time!

By Robert W. Bradford, President & CEO Reprinted from Course and Direction April 2007 “Time is money”. We’ve all heard that, right? But does your company operate that way? Many times, I’ve seen companies succeed wildly simply because they do things faster than their competitors – usually, a LOT faster. This works simply because all […]

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