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Reflect on Success and Failure for Better Strategic Planning

All organizations that are successful over long periods of time are learning organizations. This requires that the management team learns from its experience. It’s worthwhile, periodically, to take some time to reflect on both your successes and your failures, because each has something to teach you about what works and what doesn’t work. The most […]

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Ten Reasons for Strategic Planning How to Make a CEO’s Life Easier

By Denise Harrison, Senior Consultant First published in Course and Direction in March 2008     1.    As CEO, are you tired of acting as a referee caused by turf battles between businesses or functional areas? Developing a strategic plan allows team members to develop a shared base of knowledge which allows the team to come […]

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Innovation and Strategy

These two words go together sickeningly often. Every buzz-word spouting bozo tends to refer to themselves as “inspiring strategic innovation” or “working on innovation strategy”. But these words have very specific meanings, and, when it comes to strategy, there is innovation that will be strategic, and innovation that will not be. To begin with, innovation […]

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Customer Loyalty — Is it Your Company’s Priority?

By M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant This article was previously published in Compass Points in November 2007 Most companies advertise their loyalty to their customers, but how many really are as loyal as they profess to be? What specific actions have they committed to which will build true customer loyalty? How is customer loyalty really measured? Where […]

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