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Innovation and Execution — A Critical Strategic Balance

By Thomas E. Ambler, Senior Consultant Reprinted from Compass Points January 2008 Balancing internal and external forces that fight one another and create tension is at the very heart of strategic management. One of the most familiar and least pleasurable duties of a CEO is the role of “herding cats” in an effort to bring […]

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GE Spins off Major Appliance Division – What Can a Small Company Learn from this Divestiture?

By Denise Harrison, Senior Consultant GE is spinning off its Major Appliance division, highlighting the importance of making choices in strategic planning.  In this case, Jeff Immelt, GE’s CEO, is making the choice to focus on the higher margin energy, power, aviation, and health care businesses. This decision exemplifies the purpose of strategic planning: Identify […]

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Strategic Planning Team – What Company Functions Should Be Represented?

M Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant How many people does it take to develop a good, actionable strategy for your company?  The most straightforward answer is: it depends.  It depends on how big and how complex your organization is.  It depends on how entrenched people are in silos.  It depends on how good your internal communications […]

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