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You are #1 in your Core Markets – Now, How Do You Grow?

By Denise A. Harrison Note: This was first published in Compass Points July 2006 Over the last twenty years, your company has earned the number one market position – time to relax and enjoy? No! The mass market is now fragmenting as consumers become more sophisticated. Niches are carving up pieces of the lucrative mass […]

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Why Most Strategic Plans Don’t Work

By Robert W. Bradford, President and CEO Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had some interesting conversations with a client about what we do in strategic planning.  You see, there are lots of approaches to strategic planning – some of which work – but we do something just a bit differently than most.  Many […]

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Competing with a Low Cost Competitor

By M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant Note: This article was previously published in Compass Points in June 2007 Earlier, we discussed one way to compete with a lower cost, lower price competitor: differentiation — defined as finding a significant point of difference, which will allow you an ongoing competitive advantage. However, sometimes differentiation is not […]

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Strategic Planning: Are Your Decisions Based on Facts or Opinions?

By Denise Harrison, Senior Consultant Many people return from a strategic planning retreat frustrated, often asking: Were we really concentrating on what is important or were we focusing on what was “top of mind”?  Did we make the right decisions or were we swayed by the most persuasive person? A Better Way to Make Decisions: […]

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