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Fixing Your Balanced Scorecard – Part 2

By Robert W. Bradford, President & CEO Following up our prior discussion, another set of limitations of the Balanced Scorecard includes: IIa. You are measuring things because they are easy to measure This issue reminds me of the old joke about the man looking for his wallet on the sidewalk. Passerby: “Did you lose your […]

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Listening: An Important Skill for Successful Strategic Planning

By Denise Harrison, Senior Consultant Recently I spoke with a CEO and found that the most important thing that his team learned during strategic planning was the importance of listening.  This was an unusual answer to my question asking how his team had benefited from the strategic planning process, so I asked him to explain […]

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Fixing Your Balanced Scorecard  –  Part 1

  Note:  This was previously published in Compass Points Some time ago, I had an interesting conversation about the Balanced Scorecard with a friend who works in a large organization. His comments reminded me of so many comments I’ve heard about Balanced Scorecard and Strategic Planning that I went back through my notes to see […]

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Strategic Planning – Only for Corporate?

By M Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant Most people know that in order to help an organization focus on its future and to build plans/strategies to improve market share, profitability and competitive stature, that a company should go through a formal, well-organized planning process which will result in specific objectives and actionable strategies. But how many […]

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