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Fixing Your Balanced Scorecard – Part 3

  Continuing the discussion we started in the prior posts, the third main reason why you may be disappointed in your Balanced Scorecard program is fundamental to the limitations of the scorecard itself. III. Your Balanced Scorecard isn’t driving action This is most likely true if you are doing Balanced Scorecard instead of true Strategic […]

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When Your Strategic Plan Execution Stalls

By M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant When your team gets so busy they can’t put in the time to continue their responsibilities to execute their parts of your strategic plan, what do you do?  No surprise, it is up to you to change the atmosphere in which they are working to get them back on […]

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Acquisition Candidate Selection

By Denise A. Harrison Note:  This article was originally printed in Compass Points June 2008. Often teams determine the best way to achieve a strategic objective is through acquisition. This decision will come after a thorough evaluation of the make vs. buy options. Once it is determined that an acquisition is part of the solution […]

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Simplifying Your Business

By Robert W. Bradford, President & CEO Last week, I was talking with someone about their insurance agent.  She was absolutely thrilled at how the agent handled a recent car accident, saying “She made everything so much simpler!”  It got me thinking about simplicity, and how it works in companies we like – and those […]

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