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The 1 Thing Missing From Your Strategic Plan

Today we have a guest post by Seanlai, Proclivities Founder.  Please see below: Sometimes you’re just out of ideas. It’s not a matter of desire — you want your company to scale, you’ve done it before. But now, what used to work isn’t working and you’re getting frustrated Millennials have changed the game—they aren’t motivated by […]

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Strategic Planning: What Did You Learn? How One Company Went Off Course

By Denise Harrison, Senior Consultant “Follow the plan; don’t get distracted by seemingly large opportunities,” replied one CEO when asked the question “What was one key lesson learned from following a systematic approach to strategic planning?” How did he learn this?  The hard way, of course. For years, this CEO and his team used the […]

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Why Don’t Companies Plan?

M Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant What is there about strategic planning that keeps companies from making the effort to plan their futures?  Why are companies afraid to plan?  We have some experience in overcoming this hesitancy through exposing companies to strategic planning in our seminars: Simplified Strategic Planning. Let’s look at some of the reasons […]

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Improve Morale Part 7 – Strategic Thinking Points

By M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant Note:  This article is part of a series taken from Dana Baldwin’s article Improve Morale-Increase Motivation originally published in Compass Points in January 2003.  Although this article was written in 2003, these tips are timeless. In previous posts we’ve discussed what affects morale.  In the post last week we […]

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