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Implementation Advantage – Part 2

By Robert W. Bradford, President & CEO Note: This article was originally posted in Compass Points in May 2006.  We are discussing the root causes of poor implementation in a series of posts.  Part 2 covers the second root cause of poor implementation. The implementation lacks follow-through Sometimes, we see companies that do a decent […]

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Another Look at What Makes Good Customer Service

By M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant How often have you gone into a store or a restaurant, called a service department on the phone, emailed a customer service unit of a company, and had anything but outstanding customer service results?  All too often, customer service contacts don’t address your problem directly, or don’t serve you […]

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Implementation Advantage – Part 1

  Note: This article was originally posted in Compass Points in May 2006.  Part 1 introduces the article and the first root cause of poor implementation. In our strategic planning work, we often work with companies who have tried strategic planning before. Almost inevitably, the companies we meet were disappointed in the results they got […]

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Five Ways to Think More Strategically Every Day

  One of my favorite parts of my work is speaking at conventions.  Interestingly, I’ve noticed far more interest in hearing about strategic thinking than strategic planning in the past few years.  While this trend is likely because most people are doing strategic planning the wrong way, it’s still interesting to ponder why people have […]

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