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Sony: Results are in – Sony’s Strategy Results in Record Profit

By Denise Harrison In 2014, Kazuo Hirai, Sony CEO, sought to rekindle the firm’s creativity.   In the 20​th ​ century Sony had a market leadership position in several segments of the consumer electronics industry. For example, its Sony Walkman® exemplified Sony’s ability to harness its technical expertise, providing consumers with easy-to-use electronic devices.  But by […]

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When Strategies Go Bad – Part 3

By Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant Note: This post is a part of a series taken from Dana Baldwin’s article When Strategies Go Bad previously published in Compass Points in April 2004.  In Part 1, we introduced the series and discussed what happened with IBM.  In Part 2, we discussed what happened to Global Crossing.  In this […]

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Could You Lose Your Way in the Marketplace?

M Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant In 2012, a new CEO took the reins at McDonalds.  During his three years of leadership, McDonalds lost market share and profitability.  Why did this happen?  There are numerous reasons, and we will hit some of them here. As the economic situation gradually improved in the US, it became obvious […]

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