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What Happens When the Host Country Environment Changes? A Tale of Currency Devaluation You Have Successfully Outsourced – Part One

By Denise A. Harrison Note:  This post is the first in a series of posts from Denise A. Harrison’s article What happens When the Host Country Environment Changes originally posted in Compass Points in November 2004.  Part One will introduce the topic, discuss how Competition, Customers, Technology and the Economy will respond. Yes, it sounds terrific, you successfully set up […]

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Is There a Reason Why Your Team’s Good Ideas for New Products or Services Don’t Get Implemented?

M Dana Baldwin Does your organization have a tough time generating and implementing good opportunities for additional services or products?  Is there a major roadblock to approving them? We have written multiple articles about the importance of, and the good practices of, good idea generation for organizations.  Robert Bradford has published a series of papers […]

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The Easy Way to Innovate is the Hard Way – Part Four

By Robert W. Bradford Note:  This article was first published in Compass Points in April 2003.  The info is still relevant today, and it will be nostalgic reading the examples from 2003.  Part One was an introduction to this series from Bradford’s article The Easy way to Innovate is – the Hard way!    In […]

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Objectives that get done – how to get better results

By Robert W. Bradford One of the five key elements of getting better execution from your strategic planning is writing better objectives.  Ideally, the objective sets a clear target for implementation that helps focus the team and makes prioritization of action steps easier. One of the trickiest parts of writing a good objective is stating […]

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