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Strategic Transformation – The Principles Jack Welch Used to Revolutionize General Electric

Organizations, large or small, are in continual need of strategic transformation. Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will makes a major contribution to this management practice.  This stems from Noel Tichy’s involvement in General Electric at all levels through much of Jack Welch’s revolution. This book is really three books in one It is first a vibrant […]

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Succession planning – an important part of strategic planning

Succession planning for key personnel is an important part of good strategy.   Succession planning becomes even more important when the person involved is an owner.  Previously we have written about succession planning and the things an organization should do to assure continuity. Don’t wait too long to involve people in succession planning.  When a key […]

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Aligning Employees with Strategy: Building Support for the Strategic Plan – Fifth Step

In this post, we are discussing how buy-in helps align employees with strategy.  Buy-in is one of the key steps in strategic alignment.  Lets review how we get strategic alignment.  There are five basic steps that you must take to assure your employees are aligned with your company’s strategies. First, employees must have the conceptual tools […]

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Why is Strategic Competency so Scary?

Focusing on a single strategic competency can be scary.  There are two big reasons for this.  The first is the basic struggle with focus – we often feel unsafe putting all of our eggs in one basket.  The idea that two competencies will double your chances of success is a false one, though.  Two competencies […]

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