Changing the Way the World Thinks about Strategy
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ISBN: 1-886284-46-6
Paperback – 300 pages
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A Blueprint for Your Company’s Future

Simplified Strategic Planning:
A No-Nonsense Guide for Busy People Who Want Results Fast!

by Robert Bradford and J. Peter Duncan
with Brian Tarcy

Simplified Strategic Planning templates available at no additional cost to book purchasers

Future success? Or future shock? Only companies that plan ahead will survive the changes in business today and tomorrow. Companies that don’t chart a course will be at the mercy of their customers…and their competitors. This book teaches strategic planning in clear, simple language without confusing jargon. The authors cover topics like “Brainstorming as an Art Form,” and “Who Should Be on the Team?” And the best part? When readers complete the book, they’ll also have a strategic business plan written and ready to go.

“Things might go wrong. And then what? Then, you’re going to have to figure out what to do. The only other option is to think about it all ahead of time…In strategic planning…you should pay particular attention to the view from the telescope.”

Co-author, Robert Bradford, President of the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning (CSSP), has been a news reporter, derivatives analyst, computer programmer, bank manager and management consultant. Co-author, Peter Duncan, Vice President of CSSP, has been a top manager in high-tech firms on the east and west coasts. Drawing on their wide-ranging experience and proven methodology, they have guided hundreds of companies to success. Both teach the highly acclaimed Simplified Strategic Planning seminar in major cities across the U.S.

A Few Testimonials

A system that is very well honed. Important for those who are serious about planning but need to make every second count.
Dean Arnold

VP of Public Operations, Kenco Group, Inc.

Our company is just completing its 2nd cycle of Simplified Strategic Planning. We are expanding the process to additional divisions for the 3rd cycle.
Scott Christensen

Project Manager, Hormel Foods

Simplified Strategic Planning provides a logical and timeless framework for analyzing our industry, our company’s place in it, and the goals we need to meet in order to achieve our strategic objectives. Using this process for three years, we have doubled our sales volume and have also doubled our operating profit percentages.
G. Alex Bernhardt, Sr.

Chairman and CEO, Bernhardt Furniture Company

Simplified Strategic Planning provided us a straightforward process that helped our already successful organization set a much clearer direction for the future.
Ed Engle, Jr.

President, Rima Manufacturing Company

What we accomplished…was unprecedented in our company’s history…we have defined a consensus among the top management as to what kind of a company we will be for the next five years. Establishing this shared vision and the means to achieve it would not have been possible without strategic planning. This process is extremely well organized and compelling while allowing the special human attributes of our organization to flourish.
Harris C. Footer

President and CEO, Easy Day Manufacturing Company

A strategic planning process that is based on years of experience – not ivory tower theories. Appropriate for companies with no time for ‘fluff’.
Ruth Ann Church

Project Manager, Great Lakes Trade Adjustment Assistant

Using Simplified Strategic Planning, VPI tripled sales over 5 years. It has helped us identify opportunities, better understand our markets, and focus our resources to attain the business results we desired…it has contributed in a significant way to VPI achieving our growth and profit objectives.
T. Godfrey Mackenzie

VP, Vinyl Plastics, Inc.

The Simplified Strategic Planning process…provides a solid theoretical approach that is applied in a very ‘real world’ down-to-earth manner. The program does an excellent job of providing a defined framework for the planning process without turning it into a mechanistic ‘fill out the form’ exercise. The framework helped us make sure that we were identifying and analyzing the key issues; it did not do our thinking for us. Finally, I felt the emphasis on the development of specific objectives and action plans are the keys to ensuring that strategic planning isn’t just an interesting annual exercise that subsequently collects dust on a bookshelf. I know the strategic plan we produced will make a major difference in the performance of our business.
Roger A. Carolin

President and CEO, CFM Technologies, Inc.


“Simplified Strategic Planning provides a framework for creating direction in a manner that moves away from guesswork and toward intelligent selection. The end result: a destination of choice, not chance.”

Jack Lowe, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, TD Industries
#2 of Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for in America

Are you ready for a streamlined, structured approach to strategy and execution that has delivered billions of dollars of profit increases for companies of all sized in all industries?