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What Is Your Twenty-Mile March?
By Denise Harrison - What is your twenty-mile march? What are some of your metrics to meet this goal? read more.

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In-Depth Interviews with Center for Simplified Strategic Planning Clients

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Client executives talk about their experience with Center for Simplified Strategic Planning and its consultants. They discuss:

  • why they chose Simplified Strategic Planning
  • the methodology of Simplified Strategic Planning
  • the effectiveness of Simplified Strategic Planning
  • the efficiency of Simplified Strategic Planning
  • how Simplified Strategic Planning fits into their management routines
  • how Simplified Strategic Planning compares with other processes/consultants
  • strategy formulation with Simplified Strategic Planning
  • strategy implementation with Simplified Strategic Planning
  • the bottom line results with Simplified Strategic Planning

Interviews with:

  • Actoras - management consultants
  • Apex Technical School - technical training
  • Applied Education Systems - school laboratories manufacturer
  • Cisco Systems Capital - financing arm of Cisco Systems
  • Equipment Controls Company - equipment distributor
  • Conestoga Enterprises - communications services
  • IMPAX - sales consultants
  • Inline Plastics Corporation
  • Irwin Seating Company - manufacturer of theater, auditorium and arena seating
  • Pal-Tech - knowledge transfer management, training & technical support
  • Tapemark - diversified manufacturer
  • Wes-Tech Automation Systems - capital equipment manufacturer

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