Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, Inc
About Us

Since 1981 Center for Simplified Strategic Planning has provided clients the tools and leadership required to obtain superior strategic results. We provide strategy planning services for mid-sized organization with an emphasis on competitive strategy – how to beat (or better yet) avoid competition.

We understand intimately the special needs, resources and capabilities of this size organization – be it a stand-alone enterprise or a subsidiary. We well understand the unique challenges typically faced by our clients in installing systems and practices necessary to support future success.

Here are five points that differentiate us:

  • We pioneered strategic planning with an emphasis on competitive strategy for the mid-sized company in 1981.
  • We literally wrote the book on strategic planning for the small to mid-sized company.
  • Our process has been refined over our 30 years of experience and has been used by thousands of organizations.
  • Our proprietary process: Simplified Strategic Planning is a streamlined, hands-on methodology designed to ensure that course and direction are well thought out, and that the limited resources of the organization are sharply focused in support of that course and direction.
  • Our focus is solely on strategy planning, it is all we do and we are very good at it.

Our central purpose is to focus our clients’ limited resources (time and money) on those things that will maximize their future success, particularly on how to beat or (better yet) avoid the competition.

We do not tell clients the solution to their problems or the prescribed strategy for their organizations. We stimulate good strategic thinking and lead their management team along a logical path that will allow them to discover and communicate their unique vision of the future and to take the steps necessary to turn that vision into realty. It is this unique combination of our process and expertise and the clients’ knowledge that produces a winning strategy. As Home Depot says, “You can do it. We can help.”

In addition to leading clients through the development of their strategic plans, Center for Simplified Strategic Planning conducts a highly acclaimed strategic planning seminar for Michigan State University. These seminars have been offered for over 30 years. Center for Simplified Strategic Planning strategists also speak at trade association and professional organization meetings and author articles on strategic planning.

Strategists – not facilitators who do strategy

All of our consultants are full time executive strategists at the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning. They have years of executive experience and strategic planning consulting. So you are assured of working with a professional who has extensive hands-on experience at the executive level in leadership and strategy planning. In other words, someone who knows what it is like to walk in your shoes. They have strong academic degrees. They have used their experience to manage change and growth in hundreds of companies nationwide in a wide variety of industries and company sizes – from “mom & pop” to the world’s largest corporation. They have an average of over 30 years experience in strategic planning and senior executive management. They stimulate good strategic thinking, challenge subjective thinking, foster collaboration, obtain balanced input, build consensus and develop commitment to implementation.

Robert Bradford

President and CEO
Waterbury, Vermont

(734) 929-8846

Denise Harrison

Senior Consultant
Wilmington, North Carolina

(910) 763-3194

Dana Baldwin

Senior Strategist
Ada, Michigan

(616) 575-3193

Tom Ambler

Senior Consultant
Naperville, Illinois

(630) 548-1585