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Digital Competition – Why It Makes Things More Difficult

So many industries face upheaval because of new technology right now that it’s probably easier to list those that aren’t.  Technology is changing our worlds in many ways, but I’d like to examine one that affects everyone:  market access.  This is simply the ability for you to connect with customers, and vice versa. Historically, industries […]

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How to Anticipate the Future and Boost Your Competitive Advantage

Human beings, it turns out, are both good and bad at anticipating the future. We can accurately predict things that flummoxed people 100 years ago – like where a hurricane will make landfall, or the likelihood of a volcanic eruption.  We also can foresee the implications of some of our most pressing strategic decisions. However […]

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This Is Why You Should Do Annual Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning should not be a one-and-done business process. As a rule, your organization should conduct annual strategic planning even though it’s time horizon is typically multiple years. Why, you ask? Isn’t a strategic plan valid for more than one year? No, for a number of reasons. First, if the rate of change in your […]

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Customer Loyalty – What Is It, Really?

There are almost as many definitions of customer loyalty as there are companies which try to build and sustain the concept. Some of the components are common, however. Let’s take a look at some of them. The first component is dependability. What do many companies mean when they strive to be recognized as dependable? In […]

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This is How to Develop an Innovative Strategy

An assumption I sometimes encounter is that strategic planning only yields predictable, middle of the road actions for a company.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Strategic planning sets an appropriate course for your business that maximizes growth-ability, profit-ability and survive-ability.  Sometimes that course stays in familiar territory, and sometimes the course can go […]

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How to Succeed When Market Trends Change

How do food companies position themselves for growth as demographic growth slows? Tyson Foods, for example, faced this dilemma.  Clearly, consumer preferences changed with a desire for prepared foods. Ultimately, Tyson knew that consumers were turning away from their traditional meat products and moving towards ready-to-eat foods.  They realized they had the basic ingredients, but […]

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