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The Strategy that Works Best with Future Uncertainty

What we need when there is great future uncertainty Over the years, I’ve taught many concepts that are vital to good strategy.  One of the key struggles many have with strategy is that our assumptions can turn out to be incorrect, rendering some of our strategies less useful.  Right now, many of us are struggling […]

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Strategic Planning to Thrive

In the coming months, we will see a re-emergence of many businesses in the US. There will be many that don’t survive those months, but we will start to see a gradual process of re-opening. Some industries didn’t shut down, others are already re-starting, while others are just now planning to re-open their doors. Whichever […]

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How to Hang On and Come Out Ahead

Times of great upheaval represent a great opportunity for those who would act to get ahead.  The right moves to do this are strategically important for your company, and could literally make or break your business. In my last article, I summarized four key steps to hanging on through the current downturn. Survive. Protect your […]

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How to Hang On to Your Business – Part One

It’s pretty clear by now that the economy is going to take a severe beating this quarter, and possibly the entire year.  With the strategic picture in mind, how do we steer our businesses through this rocky period?  The key to understanding the answers to this are the things that are truly strategic in your […]

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How Covid-19 Affects Business and Building Value

Covid-19 and Business – How to Build Value During the Pandemic.  It’s still somewhat early to predict how the Covid-19 outbreak has changed every part of our world.  It’s not too soon to pick up some early ideas that are emerging from the disruption caused by the pandemic. Smart companies will look to use the […]

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Pandemics and Business Strategy – This is How to Plan for an Outbreak

Pandemics affect business strategy.  If you’re like most people, the Covid-19 virus that you’ve heard news about concerns you.  Some of that concern may be personal, since anyone could be infected by the virus.  Some of that concern, however, may be about the impact on your business.  There are several ways a pandemic can affect […]

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