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What You REALLY Need to Focus On in Your Strategic Planning Meetings

During a few strategic planning meetings in the last couple of years, I’ve noticed something that probably won’t surprise you:  I started to get annoyed that we were spending too much time on things that weren’t important.  This is one of the most common complaints about strategic planning, and it’s a valid one.  Here are […]

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This Is Why You Should Do Annual Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning should not be a one-and-done business process. As a rule, your organization should conduct annual strategic planning even though it’s time horizon is typically multiple years. Why, you ask? Isn’t a strategic plan valid for more than one year? No, for a number of reasons. First, if the rate of change in your […]

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This is How Powerful Strategic Planning Steps Build Commitment

Its important to follow a few basic strategic planning steps to build team commitment.  When your team gets together to initiate/update your strategic plan, what is everyone looking to get out of the process? Naturally, nearly everyone has their own personal interests and perceived needs and wants. How do you merge their individual approaches with […]

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This Is How You Can Make Good Strategic Planning Objectives

Every so often, I encounter questions about whether an objective is a good one.  Over the past 30 years, I’ve watched many hundreds of objectives set, and most of them completed.  I’ve seen some have great positive effects on companies and a few that turned into disasters.  As a result, here are a few things […]

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This is How to Tell if You’re Ready for Strategic Planning

I ask this question, partly, because all too often I hear people say their companies aren’t ready for strategic planning. Let’s take a look at what you need to be truly ready for strategic planning. 1. An operating business This seems like an easy one, but quite often people talk with us about strategic planning […]

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This is What You Do When You Don’t Have Time for Strategic Planning

Help!  We don’t have time for strategic planning!  I’ve heard variations of this plea dozens of times in the past few years.  Clearly, some companies get into situations where the management team needs to focus on specific issues that come up – either by design or happenstance.  Maybe your company is one of them.  How […]

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