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This is How to Develop Strategic Awareness

Strategic awareness is critical to strategic thinking.  This includes not just awareness of the immediate situation, but awareness of a wide range of internal and external factors that you can use to guide the future direction of your organization. Three key attributes in people that have strategic awareness. First, they consume information prodigiously. It’s not […]

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This is Why You Should Develop Adaptive Strategies

The fourth critical skill for strategic thinking is the ability to create adaptive strategies.  This includes the ability to design flexibility into your plans by creating an ability to review and adjust your progress on your strategies. Adaptive strategies are valuable in both strategy formulation and execution. In strategy, it helps you avoid setting a […]

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How to Develop SMART Objectives and Implementation Programs

SMART objectives plus the ability to develop a strategic action plan is the third critical skill for strategic thinking.  Set SMART objectives and know how you will implement them.  Break down each objective into tasks and make a list of needed resources and a specific timeline for each task . When we say “SMART objectives […]

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A Clear Focused Vision and Strategic Thinking

A clear, focused vision is a critical skill for strategic thinking.  There are three key benefits to having a clearly defined and focused vision. 1. A good vision will draw you forward, and define the larger undertaking that drives your activities. Think about the difference between NASA in the 1960s, when they – and the […]

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Whole Brain Thinking Is One of the Critical Strategic Thinking Skills

The ability to analyze issues using both “left brained” and “right brained” thinking is critical to really great strategic thinking. In business, many of us have a tendency to lean on one or the other type of thinking.  Truly strategic thinking, however, involves a more holistic understanding of situations.  This is at least partly because […]

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How to Think Strategically Beyond Profits

One of the big issues we run into in strategic planning is the overwhelming pressure to maximize profits. I’m not saying profit is a bad thing.  Profit is, after all, what attracts investors and often, good management.  In our society, it’s accepted that the primary responsibility of the company and its management is to optimize […]

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