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Openness – The Tenth Critical Skill for Strategic Thinking

The tenth critical skill in strategic thinking is the ability to suspend judgment. Better strategic thinkers should consider ideas and explore possibilities before they impose any evaluation. This does not mean that a strategist never applies judgement.  It means that they should apply analysis without judgment before they critique ideas. Openness is a critical skill […]

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The Ninth Critical Skill in Strategic Thinking is Honesty

The ninth critical skill in strategic thinking is honesty.  Great strategic thinkers can balance their tremendous creativity with a sense of realism and honesty about what is achievable in the longer term. This ability to balance is not an obstacle to their accomplishments.  Many strategic thinkers refer to themselves as realistic optimists. How does this […]

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A Critical Strategic Thinking Skill – Seeking Advice

The eighth critical skill for great strategic thinking is seeking advice. Great strategists rarely make strategic decisions by themselves.  They usually prefer to get input from people who are closer to the issues. They also highly value the input of people who may simply have much different perspectives from their own.  This is listening, but […]

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This is How to Recharge Yourself to Improve Strategic Thinking Skill

The seventh strategic thinking skill may not seem like a skill at all. Taking time to recharge yourself, however, is an absolutely crucial strategic thinking skill.  This key item both improves productivity and allows for separate, rich strategic thinking. Taking time out isn’t just about self-care and recharging, although those are important benefits. Taking time […]

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This is How to Develop Lifelong Learning for Strategic Thinking

Lifelong learning, the sixth key ability that is crucial to great strategic thinking, is constant. The learning we are talking about here is not limited to your area of expertise or your line of business.  Conversely, it extends to learning about anything that may enhance your understanding of  the world and how it works. First, […]

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This is How to Develop Strategic Awareness

Strategic awareness is critical to strategic thinking.  This includes not just awareness of the immediate situation, but awareness of a wide range of internal and external factors that you can use to guide the future direction of your organization. Three key attributes in people that have strategic awareness. First, they consume information prodigiously. It’s not […]

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