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Why don’t we complete our strategic objectives?

This is one of the toughest questions to answer for most people who do strategic planning. The average company that does strategic planning typically achieves only 30% of their objectives. Since your strategic objectives represent the highest priority initiatives in your organization, why would that number be so low? First, we must recognize that strategy […]

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Strategic Performance

One of the great challenges in executing a strategic plan is getting the team to perform and be motivated by the strategy. Indeed, strategic performance in implementation is the achilles heel of strategic planning.  It’s common to hear people say “We did strategic planning, but it didn’t change anything.”  Obviously, the way you approach strategic […]

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How to Improve Your Strategy Implementation and Implement-ability

What is your biggest strategic planning problem?   I always ask seminar attendees “What is your biggest strategic planning problem right now?”  I inevitably hear the response “Strategy Implementation”. Without question, this is one of the biggest issues for any company trying to accomplish anything at a strategic level.  Execution seems to inevitably fall short of […]

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Successful Objectives – The What and the Why

Objectives are one of the key outputs of the strategic planning process. Your team’s strategic planning discussions accomplish three broad results. First and foremost are your strategies: Strategies are your sense of vision as to the course and direction of the company.  What will you do in each of your market segments – your core […]

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Strategy Execution Problem?

As you know from the Simplified Strategic Planning book and seminar, execution is the Achilles’ heel of strategic planning.  Although the Simplified Strategic Planning approach is the best approach to strategy execution we’ve seen, your execution may fall behind.  So – what is the best way to handle getting behind in your strategy execution? First, […]

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Why is Commitment Crucial to Strategy?

Why is commitment crucial and how does an organization get and keep it? Commitment means that senior management and key personnel throughout the company buy-in to driving the company forward to reach its  objectives.  Therefore, they have committed to the success of the company. Furthermore, they execute the strategies of the organization as effectively as […]

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