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Succession Planning – When It’s Urgent and How to Prevent Pitfalls

In this third article of a series, we are going to look at Succession Planning – It’s urgency and pitfalls. Our first two articles covered the key features of Succession Planning – how to do it, etc.  In Article 1, we covered the following questions.  What is succession planning?  What positions in your organization should […]

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Succession Planning – What Do You Need to Do to Stay Strong?

Succession planning and competencies – mentoring and family requirements. In the first article of this series, we looked at a number of questions which should be addressed by Senior Management. When implementing succession planning, answers to those questions establish a good foundation upon which to base our work.  Questions from the first article. What is […]

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Succession Planning – What, Why, When and How?

Although our principal thrust in Strategic Planning is how to better compete in our market segments, we also need to include succession planning.  Succession planning is key to your overall planning, because it helps assure you will have appropriate staffing in the future. Without people with the education, experience and training, you could have problems […]

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