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Predicting with leading indicators

We can improve our predictions in strategic planning by predicting with leading indicators.  You may have hear of the Composite Leading Indicators, a statistic used by the Federal Reserve to predict recessions.  This tool is a good way to anticipate changes in a dynamic system.  Choosing important leading indicators for your business may be simpler […]

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How to make better predictions 1 – the shape of the curve

One of the things we cannot avoid in strategic thinking is making predictions.  While predictions, being assumptions, inevitably carry the risk of error, there are things we can do to make better predictions.  When you can match an understanding of future trends with a clear vision, your plans are much more likely to be successful. […]

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The Power of “Both…And” Thinking

Thomas E. Ambler, Senior Consultant, Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, Inc. Note: This article was previously published in Compass Points in February 2006 In a previous article I dealt with the strategic impact of the “Golden Rule” approach to business. Here I want to consider an important facet of the “Golden Rule” approach, the power of […]

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By M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant Note: This article was previously published in Compass Points March 2006. Why is focus so important to success in our businesses? We’ve all heard of the person who wanted to clean off his desk, and couldn’t imagine why it wasn’t done by the end of the day. When he began […]

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Strategic Planning: Are Your Decisions Based on Facts or Opinions?

By Denise Harrison, Senior Consultant Many people return from a strategic planning retreat frustrated, often asking: Were we really concentrating on what is important or were we focusing on what was “top of mind”?  Did we make the right decisions or were we swayed by the most persuasive person? A Better Way to Make Decisions: […]

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