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Dana Baldwin

Dana BaldwinDana brings more than 30 years of business experience to his clients and participants in the seminar, Simplified Strategic Planning for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses. He has held top management positions, including Chairman, CEO and COO, in small manufacturing firms. He is familiar with all functional areas, having also served in sales, sales management, production, and engineering.

As President of Oliver Machinery Company, which his family founded in 1890, Dana navigated through the challenges of management transition in a closely held family company. He restructured the firm to address litigation threatening its survival and re-capitalized the firm by selling off one of its product lines. This process established liquidity for the family and provided its fastest growing product line with growth capital. The acquiring firm recruited Dana to establish a new management team and run the business.

Dana is active in a variety of industry and public service activities. He served as Chairman of the Board of one of the largest trade shows in the U.S. and has testified on reforming liability and tort legislation at both Federal and State levels. He has also served on advisory boards for the University of Michigan and numerous community organizations and foundations.

Dana has a BS from the University of Michigan and a Master of Management from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University. He enjoys collaborating with people at all levels of business to optimize their firms’ future potential.

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5075 Spring Ridge Drive
Ada, MI 49301
Phone: 616-575-3193

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Articles by Dana

This is one of the most interesting articles on business strategy that I’ve read in a while. I wish you had been my business strategy professor back in college.
– Brandon McBride in regards to Sustainable Strategic Advantage by Dana Baldwin

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