Part 3: Developing the solution

By Denise A. Harrison

Strategic Planning Expert Denise Harrison

Strategic Planning Expert
Denise Harrison

How do you develop a process for strategic alignment in your company? Here are some thoughts as to how you can engage each department:

  1. Strategy Review
    1. Start by reviewing the corporate strategy, goals and objectives. Make sure that the associates understand the big picture.
  2. Situation Analysis
    1. Hold a team meeting for each department. Start by reviewing the corporate strategy, goals and objectives.
    2. Ask the department who its customers are: internal and external
    3. What are the needs and preferences of the different customer groups?
    4. What are the technology issues?
    5. Are there any supplier issues?
    6. Are there any issues driven by the economy?
    7. Are there any regulatory issues?
    8. What are the departments’ strengths and weaknesses?
    9. What new opportunities could the department pursue?
  3. Departmental Objective Development
    1. What are the 3-5 most important projects for the department to complete in the next 9-12 months?
    2. How do these objectives support the overall corporate strategy? (If they do not should they be departmental objectives?)
  4. Implementation and Planning
    1. Develop action plans for each objective.
    2. Are you dependent on any other department to achieve any of the objectives?
    3. Get approval to move forward with the objectives.

This process gains each department key objectives to accomplish during the next 9-12 months. It also enables the senior management team to make course corrections if they find that a department is not aligned with the company’s strategy. It also allows the senior management team to adjust corporate strategy if a department uncovers issues that need to be addressed at the corporate level.

In addition, it will help each department and the senior management team resolves interdepartmental issues before they become problems.

Developing a strategy will help your company optimize its future. Ensuring that the whole company is aligned with corporate strategy will help you achieve corporate goals and objectives in a shorter time frame.

If you are interested in taking your strategic planning to the next level, please listen to our webinar:  Why Isn’t My Strategic Plan Working or contact Denise Harrison; 910-763-5194, .

Denise Harrison is a senior consultant for the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, Inc.  She can be reached at

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