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Unbeatable Value Strategy (paperback)


How to Create Value for Competitive Advantage

By Robert W. Bradford (editor), with Thomas E. Ambler, M. Dana Baldwin, Denise A. Harrison and Stephen A. Rutan

In much of today’s writing about business, we see examples of success through cheapness. It seems that success must come from being cheaper than the next guy. However, cheapness is neither the only nor always the best path to success. In fact, for many companies, getting on the cheap bandwagon – often disguised as “competitiveness” – can lead to disaster.

Unbeatable Value Strategy offers a roadmap to success in a world dominated by commodity pricing. For many companies operating in today’s world of global competition, this simplified walk through the concepts of competitive specialty strategy is critical. Written in a conversational tone, it offers practical steps to follow that will greatly improve the competitive abilities of any company.



If you need to find a way to succeed without killing your margins, you must have a game plan for continued success using battle-tested strategies. Whether you are feeling the pinch of low-priced overseas competition or looking to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the growing global economy, you need to understand the core value you create in your business and how it can best be sold in today’s markets. Unbeatable Value Strategy will give you just exactly that.

Outsourcing: Menace or Gold Mine?
An examination of the pitfalls and opportunities in outsourcing and how to evaluate its potential impact on your company.

Understanding Value
The fundamental components of value and how those components can induce some customers to willingly pay more.

Addressing the Challenge of China’s Labor Cost Advantage
Find ways to offset China’s low cost of labor by taking advantage of China’s inherent competitive disadvantages.

Understanding Your Value-Creation Advantage
Understanding your true value-creation advantages can enable you to define a profitable niche from which to build future success.

Mining Your Unexploited Value
A creative methodology for identifying and understanding your value proposition from your customers’ perspective.

Understanding the Competitive Value of Your Brand
Branding can be both risky and rewarding. How to assess the value of a brand and how to go about building and enhancing brand value.

Finding the Right Customers
Beat low-cost competition by understanding the value you offer and seeking out customers with solid reasons for buying from you.

Converting Your Customers: How to Push the Non-Cost Advantages
A look at ways to convert customers from a price-only orientation to one which rewards a supplier who provides superior value.

If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em: Working with/in China
Evaluate all your options. It may be best to look at China as an opportunity rather than as a threat.

You Have Successfully Outsourced: What Happens if a Host Country Environment Changes?
It is tough enough to set up an offshore operation, but what happens when the rules of the game change? E.G, currency devaluation.

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