In-House Strategic Staying Power Workshop

In-House Strategic Staying Power Workshop

Business as Usual Will No Longer Work

Is your game plan working? Is your company seeing growth in profit? Right now, many most are not ...and it's easy to blame the economy. But the fundamental fact is that your industry is entering a new era in which companies that used to be the leaders are going to become the has-beens. Every aspect of your business environment is in for enormous change. Companies that used to be leaders are going to become has-beens.

Don't let this happen to you! Become (or remain) one of the leaders.

It is time to completely re-examine your basic business model. Are your working assumptions still valid? Should you reconsider your product offerings and target markets? Should you reposition your offerings? Is your financial, physical and organizational structure up to snuff?

Simplified Strategic Planning has been used by over 10,000 companies around the world over the past 28 years, and surveys tell us that our clients fare FAR better than their competition when times get tough. Our professionals constantly study what strategic moves WORK in different situations by reviewing our vast pool of data on company performance.

This year, Simplified Strategic Planning clients tell us they are doing better than their competitors because we are helping them stimulate demand, adapt their operation for lower volume, and identify strategic opportunities that come with a recession. We have a unique ability to do this because we have seasoned professionals who do only strategic planning and have helped clients survive and thrive through two previous recessions.

Get Real Results out of Your Strategic Planning - Not just a "Plan".

Does your company's strategy consistently deliver outstanding results? If not, your strategy needs a tune-up. Most CEOs and Presidents of mid-market companies in every sector agree that refining their strategic focus improves their profitability on a sustainable basis. This program is perfect for companies that are already doing strategic planning but need BETTER results.

Do any of these issues impact your strategic planning?

Workshop Testimonials

"We've made significant improvements to our market Segmentation based on the workshop."

Larry Goldrick
Kimball Midwest
Business Consultant

"The workshop offered new insights into our Strategic Planning process which allowed us to ... address some problem areas."

Dave Cutting
Irvin Automotive Products
Strategic Planning Manager

In-House Strategic Staying Power Workshop

This one-day in-house Strategic Staying Power Workshop is intended for companies that already have a strategic plan, but are encountering difficulties either because of various problems with their new business environment or within their plan.

The session will highlight areas of the plan that may need rework and will provide a checklist of what improvements are required.

You will go over key elements of your strategy, getting specific feedback and recommendations that will help develop new, more profitable ways to think strategically about your business.

Learn from the Best

All workshop leaders have extensive executive level hands-on experience in leadership and strategic planning in small to mid-sized companies. All have strong academic degrees and are highly acclaimed workshop leaders. They have been carefully chosen for their ability to translate critical processes into easily grasped concepts with step-by-step implementation procedures. They have used their expertise to manage change and growth in hundreds of companies nationwide through successful strategy development and implementation.

Robert BradfordRobert W. Bradford is a nationally acclaimed strategy guru who blends a rare combination of broad knowledge and humorous insight to produce workshops that are lively and practical at the same time. A master trainer, he has spent the last twenty years converting management theory into real-life application. Most clients engage Robert again and again to learn from his ever-growing experience in strategy that works today. Robert always stimulates great strategic thinking and leaves the clients with practical, "how-to" steps they can immediately apply. Robert's workshops resonate with his clients because they are built upon years of real-world strategic decisions.

Denise HarrisonDenise A. Harrison's hands-on experience combined with a comprehensive process adds up to a common sense approach to strategy development during turbulent times. Her fast-paced, discerning workshops use humorous examples to illustrate success and failure. Laugh at examples of plans gone awry, but leave with practical ideas for enhancing your company's strategy and your ability to execute successfully. Denise's experience includes Senior Executive positions at a Fortune 500 company, President of a financial services firm and over a decade working with client teams as Vice President of the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, Inc.


100% No Questions Asked, Money-back Guarantee

We guarantee that this workshop will provide you with the guidance you need to successfully deal with your strategy issues. If you don't feel that this has been accomplished, you will receive a prompt and courteous refund.

Put this unique, practical, no-nonsense workshop to work for you and get back on track. There is no better time to do it than now.

Included at no extra cost...


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