Ten Great Strategy Tips

Strategic Planning Tune-Up

from CSSP’s bi-monthly enewsletter Course & Direction

These ten articles represent the wide variety of topics from Course and Direction over the years, covering internal and external strategies as well as the nuts and bolts of strategic planning and implementation. You are sure to find some or all of these articles to be of great value to you.

Center for Simplified Strategic Planning has prepared this new book for you as an introduction to the bi-monthly newsletter, Course and Direction. There are more articles like these in every issue plus Q&A about strategic planning and implementation.

  • Strategic Planning: Sometimes a Road Less Traveled Is Best
  • What Does Your Company Mean?
  • Competing with a Market Leader
  • Winning Companies Focus on Winning Customers
  • Understanding the Competitive Value of Your Brand
  • Positioning: Managing Your Market Identity
  • Measures of Innovation
  • The Strategy of Succession Planning
  • Strategic Issues: The Pivotal Process for Strategic Success
  • Turning Your Threats into Opportunities
  • Strengths and Weaknesses: A Fundamental Element of Strategic Planning

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Course and Direction is a bi-monthly ezine that includes a featured article, Q&A and resources for strategic planning. Recent featured articles include:

Building Better Value Signals for Your Customers
Your first-time buyers bring a lot of uncertainty about the value they will receive to a transaction. Clearly, it is the function of your marketing as to how to signal value. Learn how to build better value signals for your customers.

Fixing Your Balanced Scorecard
Are you dissatisfied with your Balanced Scorecard program? Balanced Scorecard is just one part of the Strategic Planning process. Here are several reasons why you might not be getting the results you desire and what you can change.

SWOT Analysis Revisited
The traditional SWOT analysis might not give your company the information it needs to develop a truly distinct competitive advantage.

Board Involvement in Strategic Planning
Boards can offer valuable insight to the strategic planning process. Knowing how best to involve them is the key to success!

Follow-through — the Key to Strategic Planning Success
Dana Baldwin describes how important follow-through is to the success of your strategic planning efforts.

Ten Reasons for Strategic Planning
Here are the top ten reasons your company should develop a strategic plan and the benefits you can realize by doing so.

Three Strategic Tips for Your Recession Survival Kit
These tips can help you plan how to survive the economic downturn and emerge a stronger company.

Retaining Your Customers
What is your company doing to keep your customers in these difficult times?

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