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Brief Message for You From Robert

Online Coaching with Robert Bradford

Are you getting great results from your strategic planning?

Are there challenges you face in your strategic planning that would benefit from expert advice?  Would you like to bounce your strategy ideas off an expert strategist?  If you are using Simplified Strategic Planning and want to get even greater benefits from it, monthly online coaching may be just the thing you need. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, or spending hours looking for answers to your strategy questions, you will meet monthly with Robert Bradford, the renowned strategist who developed Simplified Strategic Planning and literally (not figuratively) wrote the book.  As you may know, Robert has been helping clients around the world identify and resolve strategic issues, develop winning competitive strategies, improve market position, re-energize their organizations and grow sales, profits and company value for over 30 years.

The coaching sessions will be for a small group of strategic planners who wrestle with many of the same strategic questions you do. Robert will a) present a new strategic planning matter each month, and b) discuss the questions that YOU need answered to get great results from your strategic planning.

Why not invest a little time every month to get a sounding board from Robert and other strategists? Getting regular feedback from a peer group of can help you:

  • Develop strategies no one else in your industry has.
  • Find ways to beat (or better yet) avoid your competition.
  • Learn how other companies have already solved problems you are wrestling with.
  • Pick up “best practices” from people who are innovating in their industries.
  • Deal with problems that are blocking implementation.
  • Stop wasting time on solutions that don’t work.

Every month, you and up to 5 other top strategy executives will have a one-hour, facilitated meeting where you will discuss:                                                                                           A new monthly strategy tip                                                                                                                   What’s new that is working at other companies                                                                             What’s NOT working – so you can avoid the mistakes other companies make                       Your strategy question of the month                                                                                           

Your participation will enable you develop new ideas about your company’s strategic direction, bring insightful thoughts to your own strategic planning, and find out how other companies are getting “un-stuck” in pursuit of success with their strategies.

Lots of people are doing strategic planning, but Robert can only work with a few who are using the Simplified Strategic Planning process.   There will be no direct competitors in these groups.

The group coaching sessions will be at 11:00 Eastern time on the last Friday of each month.  If the last Friday happens to be a holiday, it will be held on Wednesday,

Click here to reserve your seat in one of his six-member monthly coaching groups! There are only six seats available, so act now!    Oh, by the way, the cost is just $500 per month and you can put it on a credit card.