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The Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, Inc…

Unlike the ever-fleeting business panaceas of the moment, Simplified Strategic Planning provides a logical and timeless framework for analyzing our industry, our company’s place in it, and the goals we need to meet in order to achieve our strategic objectives. Using this process for three years, we have doubled our sales volume and have also doubled our operating profit percentages.

G. Alex Bernhardt, Sr., Chairman and CEO
Bernhardt Furniture Company

Using Simplified Strategic Planning, VPI tripled sales over 5 years. It has helped us identify opportunities, better understand our markets, and focus our resources to attain the business results we desired…it has contributed in a significant way to VPI achieving our growth and profit objectives.

T. Godfrey Mackenzie, Vice President
Vinyl Plastics, Inc.

Simplified Strategic Planning provided us a straightforward process that helped our already successful organization set a much clearer direction for the future.

Ed Engle, Jr., President
Rima Manufacturing Company

Simplified Strategic Planning provides a framework for creating direction in a manner that moves away from guesswork and toward intelligent selection. The end result: a destination of choice, not chance.

Jack Lowe, Jr., Chief Executive Officer
TD Industries
#2 of Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for in America

The Simplified Strategic Planning process is a perfect fit for a company our size. It provides a solid theoretical approach that is applied in a very ‘real world’ down-to-earth manner. The program does an excellent job of providing a defined framework for the planning process without turning it into a mechanistic ‘fill out the form’ exercise. The framework helped us make sure that we were identifying and analyzing the key issues; it did not do our thinking for us. Finally, I felt the emphasis on the development of specific objectives and action plans are the keys to ensuring that strategic planning isn’t just an interesting annual exercise that subsequently collects dust on a bookshelf. I know the strategic plan we produced will make a major difference in the performance of our business.

Roger A Carolin, President and CEO
CFM Technologies, Inc.

Quick and dynamic, Simplified Strategic Planning gets fantastic results.

Keith Hale, President and CEO
Newcor, Inc.

This program forced me to step back and evaluate how effective my company has strategically planned. It provided me the tools which will enable us to formalize our strategic plan and direction of Disney Vacation Club.

Robert M. Walsh, Senior Financial Analyst
Disney Vacation Club, Kissimmee, Florida

We have used planning methods for the past three years with moderate success. The step by step logical process presented in this program will help us take our company to the next level in terms of profit and growth.

Scott Zimmer, Vice President of Accounting/Finance
F.P. Horak Company, Bay City, Michigan

Don’t change a thing! Continue doing what you are doing. Best program I have ever attended. As useful and as effective as any graduate level course I have taken.

Steve Orr, Vice President of Finance
Fairchild Controls, Frederick, Maryland

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Your program ‘hits a homerun’ if you’re interested in learning new methods for building a stronger competitive position for your company.

Timothy Dust, COO/President
F.P. Horak Company, Bay City, Michigan

…A great tool for achieving strategic alignment and ‘keeping the main thing, the main thing!’

Veronne Williams, Senior VP
Innovative Logistics Techniques, Inc.

A straightforward approach to strategic planning which will work — not an overwhelming process. Will help us create realistic plans.

Rick Lockwood
Certified Grocers of California Ltd., Commerce, California

Almost a fail safe process. The most planned and organized program I’ve seen in a number of years.

Tom Wilson, CFO/Vice President
Rex Packaging Inc., Jacksonville, Florida

The information was very focused, tangible and practical…which allows you to go off and apply it immediately. Very well done. I learned a lot and am anxious to get started!

Connie Leachman, Vice President of Customer Relations
Topflight Corporation, York, Pennsylvania

The layout and step-by-step process of strategic planning as presented in the program will make it easy to follow through to completion.

William A. Horwarth, Auxiliary Business Manager
Cincinnati Machine – Auxiliary Services, Cincinnati, Ohio

As the chairman of [the strategic planning] effort your program has given me the tools I will need to clearly move our organization through the development and ultimate implementation of our strategic plan. I’m confident that I am now ready to lead this effort for our company.

Kevin Lapanne, Executive Vice President
Dooley & Mack Constructors Inc., Sarasota, Florida

Certainly one of the best continuing education classes I have attended. Very practical advice.

Tom E. Laughlin, Vice President of Administration
TeleService Resources Inc., Ft. Worth, Texas

The process makes so much sense. It is a superb recipe for business success. I have been to numerous programs, but this has by far been the best. You have a powerful message…

Mark Miskie, Director of Landscape Products
John Deere Company, Clover, South Carolina

Wonderful thoroughness, great pace, exceptional tools–met all of my expectations–well done–

Patrick Morrissey, Vice President of Marketing & Sales
The Lehigh Press Inc., Broadview, Illinois

Enjoyed every aspect of the program, great tool for the future of our business — great job. Over my 30 years of attending programs this was one of the most satisfying for me.

Tom Lennon, Vice President of Manufacturing
General Die Casters, Inc., Peninsula, Ohio

The two days were very invaluable for me. I am involved in 5 companies and the course planning process will prove very valuable for them all.

Bill Hallissey, President
Publishers Information Center, Vineland, New Jersey

I was very impressed with the entire program and at this point I don’t have any specific items that could have improved the experience.

Gary Scott, Director of Accounting
Pepsi Cola of Madison, Madison, Wisconsin

This is one of the most useful professional development programs I’ve ever attended. It stimulated thinking and presented new concepts that are directly relevant to my company.

Mike Speight, COO
Kansas Foundation for Medical Care, Inc., Topeka, Kansas

Presents a great, structured how-to framework for strategic planning.

Scott Loomis, Director of Finance
Impact Innovations Group, Columbia, Maryland

The entire outline of the plan has clearly defined a method of strategic planning that has clear and concise strategies and goals. Very good. Well worth time spent. Would recommend to others.

Frank A. Yench, Vice President
Buckstaff Company, Dallas, Texas

Good information. I believe that any company that realistically follows the material will be successful.

Robert Taylor, General Manager
Allcable, Oxnard, California

Step by step process was straight forward as advertised.

Tom Roberts, President
Midwest Visual Equipment, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Quality of material was practical, applicable and truly simplified enough that I feel we can go back and immediately implement it.

Kathy G. Reehling, President
Crew Technical Services, Indianapolis, Indiana

Attention to detail; interaction of facilitators with the group and overall presentation was excellent.

Hal Weinstein, CEO/President
Hansgrohe, Cumming, Georgia

The approach presented in Simplified Strategic Planning is very pragmatic, and should enable an organization such as ours to address the critical components of strategic planning, while avoiding wasted effort in the plan ‘filler’ that often accompanies such efforts.

Frank G. Edwards, CFO
Carl M. Freeman Associates, Inc.

Excellent roadmap to strategic planning. Well organized, well presented…involved everyone in attendance.

Bill Best, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing
General Products Corporation, Jackson, Michigan

It helped me to develop a road map to reach our objectives in an orderly fashion.

Dennis Blake, Director of Finance & Administration
Custom Business Solutions Inc., Farmington Hills, Michigan

This program gave me all the tools to quickly develop a workable strategic plan that will help my company take the next step in our growth.

Michael Rienhard
Consolidated Biscuit Company, McComb, Ohio

…this will be an invaluable tool as I move forward.

Terrence Corgan, Regional Sales Manager
Medfax Corporation, Fort Mill, South Carolina

Good overall framework. Easy to follow, step-by-step procedure.

Jim Dennis, Operations Manager
Community Graphics Inc., Pittsford, New York

Great hob of presenting…great process with step-by-step instruction; whole thing is logical. I really enjoyed the program. Will help with our business.

Richard Craig, President, A.B. Carter Inc., Gastonia, North Carloina

Clearly organized methodology for overall planning. Presented extremely well!

Ray Ashe, Project Manager
Rosser International, Atlanta, Georgia

Finally…a speaker who could clearly and concisely lay out the structure for a workable strategic planning process, geared to the real world of small to medium-sized business.

David J. Burch
National Screw Machine Product Association, Brecksville, Ohio

Good program. Presented well with good documentation. This will help us specifically identify and focus our efforts and future directions(s).

Michael Kunk, Comptroller
Burns – Morris and Stewart LP, Nacogdoches, Texas

As the title states, it is a simplified way to implement a strategic plan. Worksheets and planning schedule are very helpful in accomplishing this task.

William M. Hoban, Purchasing Manager
Green Bay Drop Forge – Div. of Cleveland Hardware, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Authoritative presentation and clear road map for execution.

John Cuthbert, President
Special Devices Inc., Newhall, California

Extremely well organized program. Very informative and practical. The materials are the best I’ve seen!

Lynne Trent, President/COO
Alliance Care of Texas, San Antonio, Texas

Excellent presentation of how to strategize your business issues. Sound, logical approach.

Peter Miehl
Daubert Industries Inc., Burr Ridge, Illinois

Easy to follow. Practical to use.

Jim Racco, President
Kovatch Castings, Inc., Uniontown, Ohio

I found the entire program to be excellent.

Steve Tozier, Vice President of Business Development
Fairchild Controls, Frederick, Maryland

I found the simplicity and ease of understanding very beneficial.

Douglas Walter, General Manager
Sentinel Printing Company Inc., St. Cloud, Minnesota

The course/content was very well organized; good materials; good content. Good course. Very useful and informative.

Bill Collins, General Manager
Ultrafryer Systems, San Antonio, Texas

It gives us a road map to put much of our research and vision into action.

Peter Provenzano
Pro Technical Products, Rockford, Illinois

I appreciate the practical applications and simplified approach to strategic planning.

Mark Scherer, Sales Coordinator
Scherer Brothers Lumber Company, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Usually, strategic plan development only stresses the plan. This program also describes the very important implementation process.

Steve Runnels, Executive Vice President
NeoTherapeutics Inc., Irvine, California

You gave a much-needed blueprint for putting together a strategy for our company’s future.

Michael Myro
Reading Alloys, Inc., Robisonia, Pennsylvania

The program is well organized, well presented and illustrated effectively in the manual. I think that the manual is usable for real life implementation.

Keith W. Peters, VP Operations
Omni Remanufacturing Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Great learning experience.

Kenneth W. Jacobson, Jr., Controller
Haden Inc., Auburn Hills, Michigan

The connection of information gathering, analysis and the formulation of a strategic plan was very useful.

Don Kasper, Partner
Geschke, Kasper & Associates, Inc., Independence, Ohio

Many different strategic planning concepts rolled into one comprehensive, step-by-step process.

Mark R. Tomaszewski, Manager of Accounting & Information Services
Inmetco, Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

A few months ago, we had never done a strategic plan. Now, we have a comprehensive plan in place. Simplified Strategic Planning is astounding.

Edward O. McCabe, President and CEO
Mystic Color Lab

What we accomplished during our seven days of work was unprecedented in our company’s history…we have defined a consensus among the top management as to what kind of a company we will be for the next five years. Establishing this shared vision and the means to achieve it would not have been possible without strategic planning. This process is extremely well organized and compelling while allowing the special human attributes of our organization to flourish.

Harris C. Footer, President and CEO
Easy Day Manufacturing Company

Are you ready for a streamlined, structured approach to strategy and execution that has delivered billions of dollars of profit increases for companies of all sized in all industries?