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Denise Harrison

Denise Harrison

After working with over 100 companies on strategy development, strategic planning expert Denise Harrison has distilled four critical steps that align your company's employees with the corporate strategy.

Denise Harrison's hands-on experience gives you a commonsense approach to strategic alignment that will enhance your company's success. Her webinars are fast-paced and insightful. She'll make you laugh at examples of plans gone awry, but leave you with practical ideas for how to engage your employees to participate in your company's strategic success.

Denise's experience includes Senior Executive positions at a Fortune 500 company, President of a financial services firm and over a decade working with client teams as Executive Vice President of the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, Inc.

If you communicate regularly, but still think that many on your team do not "get it," this webinar will give you the tools that will allow you to really gain traction and buy-in from your employees.

Not only will you get some great ideas, but you will also get clear, specific steps for turning these ideas into reality. In other words, you will not only learn some new ways to think about your alignment, you will be able to act on your learning!

As with all of Denise's programs, the presentation will be energetic and interesting, with real world examples and an opportunity to ask questions about how to use these ideas in your company.

By attending this webinar, you will learn the steps you need to take to bring true alignment into your company.


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If you have any questions about the webinar, Denise is happy to answer them. Call Denise at (910) 763-5194.


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