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Strategic Thinking: How to think like a strategist for better results

Complimentary archived webinar from April 11, 2013

Webinar Presenter

Robert Bradford

Robert Bradford

Robert Bradford has worked with hundreds of companies to create billions of dollars in value in strategic planning. Drawing on this experience, Robert has crystalized the three most successful steps YOU need to take to turn your company into an innovation powerhouse.

The author of Simplified Strategic Planning and several other books on strategy, Robert has conducted well over 1,000 strategic planning meetings in a wide range of industries.

Robert’s real-world experience in transforming companies – and industries – make him an ideal person to translate cutting edge strategic thinking into practical, actionable ideas for your business.

Some people ask me “How do you get such amazing results from the strategic planning you do?”. There are two basic reasons: the first, which you probably already know about, is the Simplified Strategic Planning process. The second is the secret tool that makes the process work even better: Strategic Thinking. A while back, some fans in the Middle East asked me to prepare a class for them on how to apply strategic thinking – and they paid top dollar for it. This year, I am bringing this great material to my web audience, starting with a free webinar I will be doing on the basics of strategic thinking. If you want to spend a VERY productive hour thinking about how we think – and how you can do it better – please join me for this unique new program.

In this power packed program, we will address the three key elements of strategic thinking that are missing in most organizations, and how they add up to explosive success for the organizations that use them. I have seen these approaches work for single-person operations and multi-billion dollar multinationals – and I would love for you to learn how to apply them in your own work. I’m not just going to describe a process or tell stories – I am going to outline three critical ways to think that will make you look like a genius, no matter what you manage.

To make it clear, in this program, you will learn:

  • How to pick apart complex issues you face
  • How to make choices today that will put you YEARS ahead of your industry
  • How to understand the ways the human mind makes organizations win – or lose
  • How to TRULY differentiate in a meaningful way that will pay off no matter who copies you

If these ideas appeal to you, you’ll want to sign up for this practical program TODAY!

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